HEAPS of stuff!

Alright this is a post with a LOT of stuff so here it is…

Now cps 4th anniversary is here I got a postcard from cp about it here it is:

4th ani

Cool huh! Also cp has updated the veiw from the ice burg! Here is a pic:


and here is me wearing some of my older items:

rear items

and here is a glitch I found Look at this:


Also I was correct! the smoke at the dojo are from the volcano!



I am having 2 partys soon here is the info for them

Time: 4:00 p.m. PST (The Time at the clock tower) (11:00 a.m. NZT)

Date: Friday 23rd PST (Saterday 24th NZT)

Place: Cove

Server: Mamoth if full south Pole

Extra: Where Beach Clothes

So Comment if you can come 😉

and the other one is the Light Party Party! To see the info for that go to the Light Party Info Page!


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